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i found at that my promotion to Research Assistant II is in the works! just gotta send human resources an updated resume. there's not much of a pay increase, but vandy has performance-based raises in july. woohoo!
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you go gurl! ha.

i just had a phone interview for a new job today. seems like a realy shitty job but they pay alot more than i am making now. hopefully they will call me back after they interview some other folks. she said she still had a few more people to go and then they were gonna call people in for personal interviews.
yay for us!

"we're movin' on up! (movin' on up!)..." lalalala...i don't know the words... :)
Congratulations!!! I'm having a potluck this weekend. Let me know if you are going to be in town and want to come over.

we will be in town this weekend and are planning to come to the potluck. i need to figure out what to cook for you wierdo veggie people. any suggestions? do you need entrees or sides or desserts?

Any will be fine.